ITEM NAME :Automatic lens edger


•China manufacturer and Briot offer full services from instruments design, development, production, sales and after sale.
•Simple and professional, stable and durable.
•Shocking low price compare with similar products and best cost-performance rate.
•High-precision 3D scanning, fast speed, convenient
•High-resolution true color 5.7’’TFT-LCD,humanized icon operation interface, clear and concise
•Ergonomic design smooth outer shape, separated configuration of main edger, tracer, blocker
•Processing procedures of many types of lens, including CR-39 resin lens, high index lens, super-hard coating lens, glass lens, PC lens,Acrylic lens and Trivex lens making it fully meet the requirements of the optical shops
•Bevel polishing make lens-mounting perfect.

ALE-1000 Main Edger
1. With high-resolution of 640X480, 5.7-inch TFT LCD, lens photograph displayed as 1:1 and with user-friendly operating interface.
2. With smooth appearance fitting for the design of ergonomics, the main body and scanner and center meter allocated separately.
3. It can meet the demand of the industry for its function of several kinds of lens edger progress, including CR-39 resin lens, high index lens,superhard coating, glass lens, PC lens and Trivex lenses.
4. It has two modes of operation with the optical center/geometric center.
5. It can correct scanning data by itself, including axis and the distance of nose bridge.
6. It has 100mm diameter grinding wheels and can process high curved lenses.
7. Bevel polishing make lens mounting perfect.
8.Inheriting the traditional advantages of the security, stability, firmness,durability of LE series lens edger.

ST-1000 Scanner
1. With high-precise 3D scanning, fast and convenient.
2. It can be used to metal frame, plastic frame, demo lens and pattern.
3. These functions can be chosen, like the scanning to single eye or binoculus, the automatically allocated to frame and the measuring of the distance of the nose bridge.
4. It can clamp the frame automatically, as well as clarify the kind of the frame, demo lens and pattern automatically.
5. It can choose the slower operation to adapt to some frames with special requirements.
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